Certified Hypnotherapist In San Francisco

Winner of the 2007 SF Weekly MasterMinds Award

“The makings of a great therapist include knowledge, skill, intuition, empathy, compassion, and spiritual awareness. Michael Disend has these and so much more. He truly comes from the heart and is one of the leading practitioners in the field.”
— George Bien, PhD, inductee, International Hypnosis Hall of Fame.

MichaelDisend_Photo2_lgAbout Michael Disend

He lives in San Francisco and has been in professional practice since 1994 as a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. His specialties are Peak Performance, Smoke Ending, Weight Loss, and assistance with emotional or spiritual vexations. During the course of his practice he has helped a wide variety of clients, including film directors, actors, law enforcement officers, writers, artists, and business professionals.

Michael has been a Zen meditation practitioner since 1969, including seven years living at the Rochester Zen Center, and he regards a spiritual component as the essential core of his work.

Diagnosed with a serious medical condition in 1973, Michael discovered
the extraordinary power of hypnosis while investigating the healing process. He applied intensive self-hypnosis during his recovery, and the problem quickly and completely resolved. From that experience and from subsequent study, Michael realized the extraordinary power of hypnosis: when our innermost attitudes are transformed on the subconscious and cellular levels, many health problems may be successfully healed.

Contact Michael Disend for a free consultation: (415) 440-8767.

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  1. deborah davidson says:

    Hi Michael, you are an amazing and wonderful man. I practice meditation every day but yours is the best. I need your help in helping me to quit smoking. Also would like to do meditation with you again. I gave my “plastic surgeon” doctor your website, hope he contacts you to h elp himself turn it off, a peaaceful mind. Waiting to hear from you. I have a new phone number: 415 713-6164. Have a great day and be safe. debbie

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