Michael Disend Interviewed with Hypnotherapy Panel on EqualTimeTV

Tim Vantress of Equal Time explores the power of hypnosis. From weight loss to smoking cessation, hypnotherapists provide help to their clients. Bay Area hypnotherapists Rose Stein, Stephen Massaro, Dorothy Tyo, Michael Disend, and their clients are featured.

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  1. Donna says:

    Hey…..Mickey ….. that was great. ……let me comment on how wonderful it was to see your PASSION for what you do. Oh and good for you …..I meant to tell you yesterday when we were talking that I completely applaud your decision to meditate before each client…….. I totally agree… it allows the session to become more Higher Ground powered. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Chanukah. Cosmically you have to admit it is fun to see them celebrated on the same day. ” Thought I ‘d share, turned over a piece of paper today and this is what it said “All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today. ” German proverb. perhaps i will paint it. Looking forward to next time we meet. Donna

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