“If solid happiness we prize,
Within our breast this jewel lies.”
—Nathaniel Cotton

Choices For A Happy Life: The Pursuit Of Happiness

“Can hypnosis make me a happier person?”

Happiness is your birthright. It’s who you are, the spiritual essence of your self. Through hypnosis you are able to progressively open to the natural happiness within. You will consciously choose happiness. Because your choices for a happy life will be wise and life-affirming, you will unquestionably be happier.

“How would you work with me?”

Together, through hypnosis, we will discover if stale, negative thoughts are holding you back. We will dissolve those thoughts and create a more positive, realistic inner matrix. Meditative hypnosis, directed toward your self, also results in deep, liberating insights. And you can bet the profound relaxation of hypnosis will make you happy!

“Will I be happier right away?”

Hypnosis can help you realize your inherent freedom and perfection. The more you do so, the happier you will become.

“When can I start?”

Right now. Contact me for a free consultation: (415) 440-8767 or now.