Stage & Film

“On the stage he was natural, simple, affecting.
‘Twas only when he was off, he was acting.”

Peak Performance For Stage, Film, And Public Speaking

As a performer you know that your best work occurs when you enter the slipstream of inspired creativity. There, de-hypnotized of “acting” techniques and methods, you find yourself wholeheartedly living out the role as if you were born to play it. This is the Zen of acting, and the joy of those power-packed performances live on in an actor’s heart forever.

Power Hypnosis is how you revolutionize yourself as an actor to create this kind of breathtaking performance again and again.

As a film and stage performer, I practice self-hypnosis and meditation to lose my so-called individual identity, develop my role, and gradually assume the new character. You will find that the hypnotic experience of “becoming” the character in this way is astounding and powerful.

“How do you work with performers?”

In whatever way is best for each performing artist. We will talk about your acting training, your prior roles, how you’re approaching this character, and any personal blocks you feel are in the way. Then, through power hypnosis, you will be guided into the role as a journey of self discovery. You will come to the dazzling heart of being an actor.

“How many sessions will it take?”

All actors are different. Some are satisfied with one or two powerful sessions to jump-start their performances. Others choose to work with me through the course of a film or play. It’s up to you. I understand your needs and will do my best to help your performance shine.

“Let’s get started!”

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