Power Hypnosis San Francisco


“The makings of a great therapist include knowledge, skill, intuition, empathy, compassion, and spiritual awareness. Michael Disend has these and so much more. He truly comes from the heart and is one of the leading practitioners in the field.”
—George Bien, Phd. inductee, International Hypnosis Hall of Fame

“Would like to express my praises for Michael Disend. Initially I attended a talk/workshop given at the JCC in San Francisco, the topic Hypnosis. I had done quite a bit of research to find a hypnotist to help me in my commitment to stop smoking.  His presentation was powerful, passionate, and peaceful all at the same time. Many of the participants had been clients for a variety of issues and all had great comments attesting to his abilities. I felt he was a good fit and someone I could feel safe being vulnerable with as I was not only committed to giving up smoking but also going thru huge life changes.  He went above and beyond my expectations. Even though my smoking intake was one to three cigarettes a day it was a habit I that had such a powerful hold on me and I could not give it up. He was there for me every step of the way and continues to do so. Each session he read my soul with kindness and without judgment. It has been 3 months and I have not had a cigarette and am continually practicing the techniques and messages learned through working with him.  I am thankful for my sessions and highly recommend Michael and Power Hypnosis.” —Sherry D.

“The five sessions that I did with you have opened up something inside of me. Something inside of me did not want to be a victim any longer, not a victim of abuse or meds or of myself or of any other thing, circumstance or person. I went into fight mode, fighting for myself, for my happiness, for my peace, my “fearlessness”. It’s funny, yesterday a friend of mine called me and asked how I was and I responded “fabulous.” He was so taken aback and he replied “Wow, I want to be fabulous” and he thought maybe I had a special someone in my life and was surprised to hear that I didn’t but I have everything I need and want, God’s love, faith, hope. I’m right where I’m supposed to be and am looking forward to all the surprises life has yet to offer for as long as I’m here.

“Now, that I am learning to go within and growing spiritually, I feel like no matter what is going on around me, no matter what “obstacles” or situations are set before me, I still feel fabulous, happy, peaceful, loving, and fear-less. I accept things with love and when I have my set backs because I do have them, I no longer beat myself up over it (too much). The one thing I always try and keep present that you said to me is to “never take a negative suggestion from anyone, including yourself.” It is such a powerful statement. If you never take a negative suggestion, there’s never anything to be negative about. The mental tapes stopand you start to create new, positive, loving ones so that eventually you become that new, positive & loving individual who ultimately wants just to spread that same positivity and loving-ness to everyone and everything. I could go on and on here so I’m sorry if I’m rambling. It’s just that I feel like life is so great. My children are so great, I have a roof over my head, food on my table, clothes to keep me warm, friends, family, job security.

Everything else is gravy and I get to do anything I want, like capoeira, boxing, dancing, traveling, meditating, praying, reading (the list goes on and on). What more could I or anyone ask for?! 🙂 I am trying my best in everything I do especially when dealing with people (ex, family, work, etc) so far it’s paying off and my anxiety has gone waaaayyyyyyyyy down. I am so glad you are a part of my life and that I met you!”


“It has been my distinct honor and privilege to both receive great personal benefit from working with Michael Disend and to be graced by his friendship.
My initial sessions with Michael were New York City in 1995 during a time of work related stress. I was a new manager for a cutting edge fitness company which had high expectations and larger than life personalities in all departments. Michael was the resident Hypnotist at the company’s new Wellness Center which offered many healing services for me to try and experience. Never being drawn to any type of healing work, I elected to try Hypnosis to help me with the stress of my new position. (At the time, I had no idea what Hypnosis was and doubted its potential benefits).
My second experience with Michael was almost identical to the first except that it was 13 years later, 6000 miles to the west, and I was no longer a doubter—To be exact, I was no longer in doubt of the exceptional skill, grace, insight and truth that Michael brings to his work, (which is really his calling).
I can not tell you what hypnosis will do for you. I can only say that if you need help and have been referred to work with Michael Disend you should not delay to accept the opportunity of a Hypnosis session with him.
Peace and health.”
—Cecily Guest

“Working with Michael through Power Hypnosis ignited the inner light within. For years my past was the present and did not allow the light to shine. I now accept Divine Grace in my life and am able to be fully present in mind, body and spirit at all times. What a beautiful gift! Michael Disend is a healer who has set me free. Thank you for unlocking and opening the door. This year has been an incredible journey. I am so blessed and will continue to climb the mountain of life.”
—Sarye, Account Executive

“Since meeting Michael Disend extraordinary changes have taken place in my life.  I originally went to see him under the guise of weight loss but what I desperately wanted and needed was a life change. I had been through a lot of personal tragedies in my life and found it almost impossible to let them go.  The sofa, TV and my apartment were my constant companions.   I went to work everyday because that is what I had to do.  This lifestyle needed to come to an end.
After meeting with Mickey, I knew there would be no magic pill but, with his direction, I gradually got started and formulated a plan.  The first thing for successful weight loss was to set goals.  (That was something I had never done.)  Mickey made me commit to some life changing behavior.  I needed to go to the gym (ugh) and change to a healthy diet. With Mickey’s guidance, lots of compassion and encouragement, I began the process.  Then came the spiritual bonus.  Mickey invited me to attend a meditation class he teaches on Sundays. I felt both compelled and excited to attend.  Meditation has now become the most important part of my life.  It allows me to detach myself from the noise and nonsense of daily life and enter into the heart space.
I continue on my path to lose weight though the proper diet and exercise (I am actually happy to go to the gym and I have a trainer).  I know I will reach the goals that I’ve set but far more important to me is that I am on a spiritual path with an eternal light guiding my way. My demeanor both inside and outside has changed.  This change has been visible and commented on by others.   I know through my association and guidance from Mickey that I have begun the best and most exciting chapter of my life. (I GOT MY LIFE CHANGE AND SO MUCH MORE!)  If anyone were to ask me who was the greatest teacher in my life it would be – Michael Disend.  What more can I say about Mickey, ‘He’s Simply the Best’.
If you are looking for positive change in your life this is where you will find it.
With love and immense gratitude.”

“It wasn’t until I met Michael Disend and started working with him that I began to make real, measurable progress in those areas of my life that had languished for decades. Sure, I had already gone “cold turkey” from the booze, drugs and cigarette smoking that I had been addicted to. But with Michael’s expert help and guidance I was able to truly incorporate positive change into my life, rather than simply abstaining from negatives. Less than a year after having begun Power Hypnosis, I remain free from alcohol, cigarettes, and chemicals. My weight is down and my lifelong struggle with food obsession is finally under control. And never before have I had something so important as I have now, a spiritual practice that includes daily meditation…again, all this stemming from the benefits of Power Hypnosis.
Needless to say, my professional life is vastly improved as well, and today I am on the cusp of being hired for what I consider to be my ‘dream job’.
“Perhaps most importantly… for twenty years, I desired to become a writer, but made barely any progress. Since beginning to practice Power Hypnosis, I have published three short stories and authored a novel (which, of course, I partly dedicated to Michael!). Michael’s approach was to listen, help me develop a set of goals, and tailor a program that suited my individual needs. I unreservedly recommend Power Hypnosis to anyone who is looking to really start getting ahead in life.”
—Peter K., author/biotechnology consultant

“A chance encounter; a life changing moment….. I now realise that it wasn’t a chance encounter, that it was my Divine Right to meet Michael. I have developed an amazing spiritual practice after first going to see him for a sports related concern. That is a testament in itself! I’ve also subsequently excelled at work and on the playing field. Michael will welcome you with an open heart, and guide you to the bloom of inner glory. His wealth of knowledge and passion to help others is breathtaking. I also feel truly blessed also to have him as a dear friend.
“He who conquers his self is the greatest conqueror”
—Terence T, Assistant Project Manager, Athlete

“Working with Michael Disend’s Power Hypnosis program, I have not only been more focused on my goals in the ring but also in life. Hypnosis has helped me understand and improve my energy, concentration, self confidence and even my physical strength greatly improved. From this hypnosis training, I know that I have gained a huge advantage over my opponents mentally.”
—Joe Gumina, California Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion

“Michael Disend is perhaps the most inspired and credentialed maestro of self-actualization living on the West Coast. With profound commitment and compassion, he awakens his clients to their most potent Selves, their most Regal status. Michael is without a doubt and absolutely the ultimate Trainer, the ultimate Coach, and the ultimate Corner Man for his client’s most important inner and outer bouts.”
—Daniel David Feinsmith, award winning classical composer

“Hypnosis is a great tool for reprogramming the sub-conscious mind to eliminate habits that come in the way of abundance, spiritual growth, fulfillment, health and harmony. Michael Disend is a brilliant hypnotist and a dear friend who lives and practices in San Francisco. I have personally drawn a lot of inspiration and benefit from associating with him. He is great at what he does and is very intuitive, kind, inspirational and influential. I highly recommend Michael if you would like to use hypnotherapy to bring more clarity, healing, energy, positivity and direction to any aspect of your life.”
—Siva Srinivasan, Sr. Mechanical Engineer, San Diego

“I highly recommend that any athlete — or those aspiring to align their inner resources with their goals — take advantage of Michael Disend’s powerful skills as a therapist and coach.”
—Steve Seto, founder of The Internal Martial Arts Organization of San Francisco

“To begin working with Michael Disend is to begin building a structure, a flying buttress for your spine. All softness will strengthen to resolve. When Michael is behind you, so is a wonderful loving force; a great wave. He is your keel: stabilizing.”
—Lauren Klein, jazz singer

“Michael Disend is to hypnosis what Picasso is to art: a master of the form. With intuitive passion he jars loose deadlocked thought into rocketing inspiration.”
—Editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry

“I believe that Michael Disend’s hypnotic techniques offers all artists and creative people a tool to improve clarity, resolve and personal vision. His skill is to assist his clients in reawakening and strengthening native powers and potential.”
—Rob Nilsson, first American film director to win both the Camera d’Or at Cannes and the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance

“I just wanted to send you a note of THANK YOU. It has been a little over a year since I have smoked. I will never smoke again and I have you to thank. I say my mantra of “not even one hit” many, many times. I am totally grossed out by cigarette smoke and sometimes can’t even believe that I ever liked the. It was hard but with your help and my determination, it finally worked. My sister passes away this past July from cancer, due to cigarettes. I got the message from above. I have given your number to several friends and or acquaintances. I hope they have called you. I will always refer you to any one who is interested in quitting. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.” —Charlotte Silverstein

2014: “Charlotte Silverstein here around my third anniversary of being Tobacco Free!
I would like to, once again, thank you for helping get rid of that disgusting habit and helping me breathe freely again!”
—Charlotte Silverstein

“Dealing with sexual performance anxiety is a problem I’ve learned many people face. Unfortunately due to the embarrassing nature of the problem many do not get help. For me, this issue was causing a lot of problems in my life so like the commercials we see on TV I went to my doctor and got some medication. The medication obviously works but its expensive and you need to carry it with you all the time and take it every time you need to have sex. This is not a real option for people. Once I realized this I was lucky enough to find Michael Disend. From our first phone call he put me completely at ease and I just knew he was the hypnotherapist for me. Michael really went above and beyond for each session and there was never any clock watching, a session always lasted as long as needed. He was always available when ever I had questions and really cared about my issues. I’m now finished with my sessions and my life has improved more than I could ever have imagined. I have so much more energy, have no anxiety (which has also been a problem for me) and have no performance anxiety whatsoever anymore. Michael has not just solved the issue I came for, he has changed my life. After my sessions with him I know that I’m going to have a very happy, successful life. I can 100% recommend him to anyone who wants to solve any problem in their lives.”
—David N.

“Not One Drop!
I first met Michael at a Zen Heart Meditation gathering in 2011. I only sat with him one time before the location moved and I couldn’t attend for a while. Luckily, I signed up for his email list. I still eagerly await his frequent writings.
From 2009 – 2014 I struggled mightily with a big mismatch between old conditioning / approaches to life and current circumstances. A highly stressful job, raising a young family, and a raging inner battle: things came to a head in the summer of 2013. I was fired, which broke my heart, and my spirit. A beer-drinking hobby evolved over 15 months into heavy daily consumption as I took all the beauty in my life for granted and suffered from intense anger and sadness.
By the time the fall of 2014 came around, my wife had nearly given up on me, my kids were reflecting my poor behavior back to me, and I nearly gave up on myself: then I called Michael and asked if he would help.
Without hesitation, he said he’d be in my corner. And that I would succeed.
That support I received at that moment is an amazing blessing I’ll never forget.
In our first session later that week, we established a “Not One Drop” mantra. It stuck quickly, and firmly in only a couple of sessions.
I haven’t had anything to drink since then, and amazingly that didn’t take going to AA meetings, leaving friendships behind, and removing myself from society. It didn’t take branding my self as flawed.
This transformation in the way I relate to the world has greatly improved my day-to-day outlook, sleep patterns, energy levels, and my ability to love those most important to me in the ways they need.
I am eternally grateful that Michael was there for me when I needed him most.”
—David S.

“The hypnotherapy Mickey blessed me with has transformed my life and my work as a musician. My relationship with my young children is calmer, more lovingly stated. Mickey helped me finally see that my father was a good man doing the best he could, and that I was a good son.
Writing and playing music is a joy again, all the time. The struggle is gone, now I strive. I engage in the process without expectation but rather with a sense of curiosity as where it will lead me, with heart and belief. What I’m currently achieving, after a lifetime of playing music, often surprises and delights me. And when it doesn’t work, that’s just fine too.
Since effecting this change in my creative process all kinds of people have started showing up to help me record my latest album, from famous musicians who want to play on my songs to studio owners offering free mixing and mastering services, from offers of shooting a free video to graphic designers offering to do the album art, the list goes on. Mickey calls them ‘unexpected guests’. Somehow now I don’t have to ask for help, help asks for me.
Mickey helped me to see that my life, both creative and personal, was at a crossroads. The choice was mine, I could take the worl’s path and fall into despair and self-destruct, or I could take a spiritual path and help both myself and others. There was no wishy-washy bs with Mickey, he helped me see that not only was the choice mine, but that the work would also be mine. However, he then gave me the tools, the guidance, and the self belief to turn myself around and take the path of spiritual growth.
Thank you, Mickey, for the inspiration, support and belief in my creative process. Thank you for giving me the tools to make my life become more the way I want it to be.”
—Luke James