Fears Disappear

“I breathed through my fear and found my power.”
—Barbara Joseph

Eradicate Fears and Anxieties Through Hypnosis

“What is a phobia?”

If you are afraid to take up race car driving because you think it’s dangerous, you won’t choose it as a hobby. That’s a rational fear. If you think every airplane you board might crash, and that fear prevents you from flying, that’s irrational — and a huge inconvenience. Hypnosis is a highly effective modality to eradicate irrational fears, anxieties, and phobias of every kind. You can get rid of them forever.

“How can hypnosis get rid of my fears?”

Because hypnosis is a deeply comfortable state of enhanced imagination, you are gently guided to visualize the activity you dread. While doing so you feel safe, alert, and at ease. You then realize the irrationality of the anxiety that had hindered you. Your fears will disappear. Your personal power will increase.

“Does it take a long time?”

Many clients are able to eliminate disabling fears in two to four sessions. Others may need more. By becoming an active participant in the process, by understanding how hypnosis works, you will make rapid progress in treating your phobias.

Note: If you are seeing a physician or working with another healer, I may need to speak with them first about your situation so I can help you better.

“Let’s get started!”

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