Good Habits, Great Life

“Power is the ability to do good things for others.”
—Brooke Astor

Form Good Habits And Break Bad Habits

Good habits can create a great life. Bad ones, like nail-biting, being disorganized, or easily becoming short-tempered, will make you miserable. Hypnosis is an effective way to reduce tension or high anxiety levels, the kind often associated with study problems or lack of concentration.

“How does hypnosis form good habits and break bad habits?”

Habits are repetitive actions carried on by a deep part of your mind. Willpower is a great asset, but you may repeat a bad habit even though your rational mind objects. Because power hypnosis reaches what I call the “hard drive” of consciousness, clients often end negative patterns of behavior after receiving strong, direct suggestions. Then you can build healthy and energizing habits that don’t control you.

“Will it take a long time?”

Every person is different, but most of my clients are able to eradicate bad habits in under six sessions. Students often tell me their ability to concentrate on words and concepts was greatly enhanced after just a few sessions of power hypnosis.

“Sounds great! What’s next?”

So I can learn how to most effectively help you transform your habits, contact me for a free consultation: (415) 440-8767 or now.