Hypnosis – traditional path, or power path?

There are two kinds of hypnosis. One is the common and traditional way. This is a step-by-step hypnosis where there is a gradual subconscious evolution. The destructive inner programs are cleared out, but it is often a prolonged and arduous path.

The other path is the Power Hypnosis path. It is a direct path where you achieve your goals, terminate addictions, release stress, lose weight, banish anxiety, end phobias, get in shape, harmonize your life, and fulfill your worldly ambitions and responsibilties while enjoying the grand opening to your true Self. This is a rare type of hypnosis because it’s based on spiritual reality. In Power Hypnosis you get direct experience of your essence, heart, and Self while breaking the inner spells and mental shackles which hold you in bondage.

Power Hypnosis is a very practical shortcut to happiness. Unlike traditional hypnosis, there’s no need to revisit the past and track back traumas. Your happiness is NOW, not then. Your happiness is NOW, not in the future. Power Hypnosis helps lift the curtain of memory so you bathe in the warmth and relaxation of the Eternal Sun on your own private island. Then you realize the Sun of your life shines Always and Forever—and you feel wonderful.

What’s not to like about Power Hypnosis? All the ‘see through-ness’ of a purified heart/mind without the self sabotage of destructive inner patterns. You’ll come to know the “real you” through Power Hypnosis, the person you’ve felt yourself to be but couldn’t quite actualize. That opens up body/mind energy channels you didn’t know you were there. New projects are eagerly undertaken. Loving relationships develop easily because people are attracted to the new, far more positive you. This makes Power Hypnosis best suited for those who want to live happily in the world while being guided and transformed by the Cosmic Harmony.
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