Why Wander In Darkness When the Golden Sun of Your Self Shines so Brightly?

Why Wander In Darkness When the Golden Sun of Your Self Shines so Brightly?

I’ve always loved cartoons and smart comics. Mostly as entertainment. But one animated cartoon I saw as a child both perplexed and changed my life.

A man with an umbrella walks alone in a storm. Above his head a dark cloud relentlessly dumps sheets of rain.  The poor guy looks miserable. He’s sputtering, muttering, cursing and trying unsuccessfully to hide under his umbrella.  But the cloud keeps following, hurling down more and more rain.  He’s soaked, drenched, and it just keeps getting worse.

Then comes the part which I found so puzzling as a boy—although it made me laugh like crazy.

Behind the man, and directly in front— in fact, surrounding him in every direction except above his head space — shine the rays of a bright, golden sun! Yet for some reason he’s oblivious to the rays of warmth and illumination cascading around him freely, like golden yellow particles of sheer delight. All he can see and feel is rainy weather.

How come?

Why doesn’t he close the umbrella and open his eyes when there’s radiance everywhere? Why won’t he take take a moment to feel the light and joy and opportunity streaming in from every direction? How come the dude is burying himself in a mobile coffin when all he has to do is look and feel the immense Ocean of Love around him—an Ocean of Love extending further than the most distant star in our galaxy yet closer than your next breath?

The cartoon no longer mystifies me. I came to realize that his ongoing dark cloud represents a lot of people’s inner life. The traveling rain cloud symbolizes all the negative thoughts, all the negative attitudes, and all the negative conditionings of life which keep repeating themselves like spells. I eventually understood that it also represents our frustrations, our ideas of our own shortcomings or failures, which keep destructively manifesting themselves in our lives because they’re programmed upon the hard drive of our subconscious mind, as in “seen through a glass darkly.”

Sound familiar?

Could you perhaps be walking through life being rained upon by subconscious habits of mind which are blocking your abundant good fortune?

Over and over?

These clouds of inner darkness include lack of confidence, timidity, a pessimism which makes the whole world look bad, and the epidemic and infectious disease called “depression”.

Each of these gloomy coverings undermines your own mighty-soul force, the golden Eternal Sun shining through you forever and ever, the force that Wins, Wins, Wins!

Because,dear friends, you ARE that shining golden sun. You ARE that sunny character force and energy to use for success in life. You ARE fearlessness, patience, joy, creativity, confidence, and delight.  But first the dark rain cloud of spells above and within your head space has to be dispersed.

Through Power Hypnosis.

Try an experiment. Imagine and feel a dark cloud around you. In any shape or form you wish.  Sure, you may be holding an “umbrella” around you in the form of a pill; you may be blocking out the negative habits by hiding from them. But you now understand that’s like the poor fool in the cartoon hiding from the rain storm he’s continually recreating over and over.

So you’re giving up that strategy of failure.


Now take a deep breath and imagine a golden Eternal Sun around you! That Eternal Sun embodies your yearning to be free, your strong desire to live a vibrant, abundant, beautiful life, and the means to make it happen! Let the rays of your Eternal Sun now shine through you with every breath you take. Feel the loving heat and the immediate healing. Relax as you do so and let yourself bathe in the positive, healing energy you’ve actualized simply by reading these words and following my directions.

That’s Power Hypnosis.

Admittedly, a very, very mild form of it, and way too brief. But a sweet and authentic taste of something you’d enjoy much more of, right? Trust me, when you access your own inner treasure chest through Power Hypnosis—the Eternal Sun you are and always were—the clouds of negativity disperse in a hurry and you’re on the fast track to a brand new life.

I’ve witnessed it happen over and over and over—and I want the same thing to happen to you.

That’s a sincere offering from the heart, my friends.

Call Power Hypnosis 415.440.8767 for an appointment whenever you’re consciously ready to say “Yes” to your own Freedom and Love. Or even to discuss what may be holding you back. I welcome your calls!

Love and Blessing,
Michael Disend

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